Thursday, April 26, 2012

its friday night....

its friday night. dont u like  it??
mlm jumaat = mlm yg relax dan santai...;D

im going to watch a movie after this..with my beloved roomate (belovedlah sgt kann)
i havent take my bath the moment i wrote this entry
since air x de (pathetic college) huhhh...

bile duk sorang2 lm blik ni tba2 plak terfikir something..


have u ever think that one day nnti your blog will be read by your son/daughter or even your granddaughter/son or great great granddoughter atau serasi dengannya??

what would they think of us??with all the craps we wrote in it, what will they think??

'OMG, jiwang giler nenek aq ni rupenyerrr HAHAHAH'
'perrgghhhh!!!bukan main lagi datuk aq ni mase muda2....' 
ni maybe reaksi cucu INMA/HAZIQ bile bace blog nenek and atuk

'damn!!!granny is so coolll!!!she even wrestled with her brotherss!!' blog ainil??hahaha

me?i dont know what will they think of me after reading my blog..well. i think its just impossible..of course i'll delete this blog one day.

*start creating a reminder in phone to delete this blog in next 10 years like im 
going to use this phone forever *

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