Sunday, June 24, 2012


new addictions!!

*bobby andonov just love his voice!!
so sexy that might lead to eargasm lol

*taylor matthews! another star from the x factor
god! i listen to his song cover of 'over the rainbow' almost everyday

below was during his first audition (omg someone should watch this!)

*hiding my heart by Adele, *cries* omg the song is soo sad and beautiful...T-T

*somebody that i used to know by Gotye
u should also listen to its cover by 
1)chester see and tiffany alvord

they are just fawesome!!

*also this one guy, Leon Jackson winner for 2007 x factor
 (admiring his version of Do It Like a Dude and when he sings Dancing in The Moonlight, ouhhh, soo comel n lawak)

*Ellen Degeneres Shows!!!
the hidden camera pranks were damn hilarious!!below is one of them!

*Michael Grimm ouhh just love his serak-serak basah voice

*Poplyfe!! a band of young people!!the vocalist, *speechless* billionaire cover a-dont-know-what-the-song-title by the beatles cover